Yellow Saddleback Blesbuck

The Vaalkrans top class Yellow Blesbuck Ram has been acquired from Petri Snyman (Eastern Cape)

We to meet the following standards as constantly as possible:

  • The animal’s legs must be yellow up to its flanks without a dividing line
  • The buck must have a distinct darker brown saddle on its back and neck
  • It must have a brown stripe on its belly
  • There must be a distinct brown round patch on the tail
  • Good pigmentation is a must
  • The horns, hoofs and eyes must have no traces of pink
  • The genitals of the ewes must be pigmented.



There should be no confusion between the yellow (saddleback) blesbuck and a white saddleback blesbuck. The latter is white on its sides.


  • Breeding Ram/s horn lengths 16.5 inch plus