Besides the 13 DNA markers which confirm a purebred Bontebok, below are the key differences between the bontebok and the blesbuck from a visual perspective

Blesbuck vs. Bontebok

  • Blesbok: colour of the upper body is reddish brown
  • Bontebok: colour of the upper body is a bright dark brown
  • Blesbok: flanks are dull brown colour
  • Bontebok: flanks, head and upper legs are a purple-black plum colour
  • Blesbok: white facial marking is interrupted by a thin brown line 
  • Bontebok: white facial marking is uninterrupted to the forehead at the eyes
  • Blesbok: rump is a light dull brown colour
  • Bontebok: rump and the area surrounding the tail are starkly white
  • Blesbok: lower legs are predominantly dark brown
  • Bontebok: legs beneath the knees are predominantly white
  • Blesbok: front of the horns tend to be yellow-brown in colour
  • Bontebok: horns are black