About Us – Vaalkrans

Vaalkrans 230, between Heilbron and Edenville (on the R34), Free State

Our Specialisation:


We serve the Breeder market with top quality genetics

Blesbuck, Springbuck, Impala, Red Hartebeest, Fallow Deer, Reedbuck, Tsessebe, Waterbuck


Vaalkrans is the foremost Nyala breeding farm in the Free State

Nyala, Tsessebe, Bontebok, Sable


We serve the individual and Corporate markets

Lodge – exclusive for a small Corporate or Family group

Hunting Camp – self-contained, private camp, also ideal for weekend breakaways

Our Philosophy 

Our valuable species are managed with a rigorous and scientific approach to enhance the quality of their horns and the overall characteristics of the animals.


At Vaalkrans, we follow the core principles of successful breeding:


  • We follow a semi-intensive approach
  • We only acquire ‘as-good-as-we-can-afford’ male and female animals (from trusted breeders)
  • We provide optimum nutrition (with continuous feeding)
  • We regularly rotate gene pools
  • We maintain natural habitat, and
  • We can’t give enough attention to our animals.

Quality Guaranteed

At Vaalkrans we do not only talk about the quality of our game. Our meticulous record keeping means we can prove it too. Game carrying the Vaalkrans name means quality that we guarantee.


We pride ourselves on what we do – and provide our clients with guarantees stretching all the way to commercial transactions. Vaalkrans are amongst the market leaders in providing peace of mind. All our animals for sale are guaranteed – with detailed documentation (e.g. animals in lamb are sold with a vet sonar photograph, DNA profile, age).

Our Dedicated Team

At Vaalkrans we are committed to our passion and understand how important game farming is to every client, whether it constitutes a hobby, an investment or an entire livelihood. Customer trust and satisfaction ensure that both our clients and we can grow our industry. We are committed to giving every client our very best service – not only prior to the sale, but also thereafter.


It will be our pleasure to proudly show you the animals on sale. This will also enable you to see your prospective purchases in their respective breeding herds.

Colleen Franklin


Colleen only knows one way – and that is to follow a scientific approach to our game breeding. She is meticulous about record keeping. Ask her anything about the Vaalkrans animal profiles, DNA, chip and tag numbers, birth dates and bloodlines for assurance of the quality of our game at Vaalkrans!


Paul Aucamp


Paul has a long association with game farming and applies his professional expertise as a leading strategic advisor to the development of game industry best practices and continuous improvement of the Vaalkrans breeding groups.

Our Associations

We at Vaalkrans are proud to be associated with reputable bodies and subscribe to best practices in the game industry.

We are proudly associated with: