Welcome To Vaalkrans Game Breeders

Bringing our passion, pride and professionalism to breeders in the game industry

We at Vaalkrans pride ourselves as top class breeders of specific rare and colour variant game species. As the Owners of Vaalkrans, we are passionate about what we do and strive to be best of breed in the game breeding industry.



Our Heritage

We acquired Vaalkrans in 2014.

This targeted acquisition was the culmination of years of deliberate and careful planning,

facilitated by the disposal of our other non specialised game farming interests


          Our mission is to breed top genes:

               ŸŸColour variant plains game common to the Free State, and

               Rare species which are Free State cold adjusted.

Vaalkrans is the founding member of Riemland Game Breeders Group in the Northern Free State.

Vaalkrans Game Breeders Promises Top Genes from Trusted Breeders


Vaalkrans focuses on game breeders who aim to breed outstanding animals. We breed a selection of rare species, including the beautiful natural colour variations. We specifically select prime genetics to breed with, thus ensuring beautiful stud animals that will enhance the gene pool of our client’s animals. We breed for the needs of other advanced breeders as well as for the needs of the beginner.

 Our Value System Guides Our Everyday Behaviour:

  •  Our clients see us as credible, ethical and trustworthy.